Book 1 of the Autonomous Weapons Division series

Amid the ghostly ruins of a derelict alien starship, a covert rescue spirals into chaos, thrusting a combat programmer, his illegal AI, and a squad of Marines into a deadly confrontation with an ancient evil reborn.

Technical Specialist Kerry Sevvers is the best the CDF’s controversial Autonomous Weapons Division has to offer. He commands drone swarms with only his thoughts thanks to an experimental neural implant and a cluster of lethal AI.

But not even his skills can prepare him for this high-risk mission to rescue a deep cover Colonial Intelligence operative. When his AI are corrupted by alien code and the op runs afoul of a long-dormant threat, it falls to Sevvers, his unsanctioned AI, codenamed Six, and a fireteam of Marines to fight a desperate battle on multiple fronts.

Failure means the extinction of the Three Colonies and humanity itself. They must overcome rogue AI, hostile aliens, and their own divisions to defeat the resurgent evil beyond the colonial frontier.

Readers who enjoyed the exploits of AI drones in Daniel Suarez’s Kill Decision and the claustrophobic corridors of James S.A. Corey’s Leviathan Wakes will be riveted by the combination of the two presented here. The constant dread as ancient evil stirs will make it impossible to put down.

Coders, Marines, and Intel operatives report for duty! Battle relentless aliens, corrupted machine minds, and humanity’s dark past by downloading this heart-pounding military sci-fi thriller today!

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