Book 2 of the Autonomous Weapons Division series

The Division’s rules are absolute, to keep its ultimate weapons from turning against humanity. But when integrity clashes with duty, one man will break all the rules to ensure humanity’s survival.

Master Specialist Kerry Sevvers is thrust into an uncertain future of treachery and war. Forced to deploy his unsanctioned AI, codenamed Six, to survive a doomed rescue, he returns from the failed mission to shocking accusations of treason.

Subjected to a military tribunal, Sev must fight for his freedom and for Six’s right to exist. But a ruthless Division architect will stop at nothing to neutralize the rogue AI he sees as a threat to humanity’s future.

When the Concordat derelict strikes, catching the Colonial Defense Forces unprepared, Sev and his accuser must work together to repel an alien invasion. Yet conspiracies run deep and everyone has their own agenda. In this crucible of clashing motives, the greatest danger may come from within.

Will Sev’s loyalty to Six strengthen humanity’s last stand or doom it? The battle for tomorrow hinges on uneasy allies overcoming their deepest suspicions in a galaxy where trust may be the first casualty.

In humanity’s darkest hour, one rogue element can change everything. 

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